Veterinary Science

As a new animal drug sponsor, managed care organization, or service provider, your top priority is providing high-quality safe and efficacious care for beloved companion pets and essential food-producing animals.

The Veterinary Science sector is experiencing exponential growth. The advancements in medicine and technology have allowed animals to live longer and healthier lives, which makes it all the more important you have a trusted partner on the journey to commercialization to help navigate CVM guidelines with regards to branding, scientific literature, and patient education.

Integrating into Your Team with Our Dual-Pronged Approach

Our dual-pronged approach protects your most important resource – your time. Our hand-selected multi-level core team quickly plugs into your organization to understand your needs, co-create strategy, and drive through execution to deliver exceptional results. We can provide support to reposition and rebrand a human drug for animal use, create compelling value propositions for the spectrum of offerings from devices to prescription drugs and specialty foods, and generate engaging patient education tools for your customers. Whether you need an end-to-end solution, help with specific projects or extra hands to catch overflow, our modular team design is meant to plug and play where you need us most.

Our Services for Veterinary Science


  • Branding Ladder
  • Primary Research
  • Market Expansion Strategy
  • Advisory Board
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Assessment
  • Global to Region Support
  • Medical Education
  • Scientific platform
  • Brand Play Book
  • Vendor Collaboration
  • Influence Mapping
  • Messaging Platform
  • Congress Planning


  • Patient Educational Materials
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Field Sales Selling Guide
  • Sales Training Materials
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Email Marketing
  • Multiplatform Branding
  • Demo Kits and Models
  • Video Production & Animation
  • In-Office Tools
  • Digital Ad Design
  • Disease State Education Materials
  • Interactive Sales Aids

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