Our Work

Case Study
Philips Healthcare, a global leader in intravascular diagnostic imaging and cardiovascular and endovascular therapies.


Following an acquisition, the newly formed Philips Volcano struggled to integrate its key brand positioning initiatives into corporate’s commercial operations. The company had to tackle new corporate brand guidelines initiatives, the migration of its 35-product portfolio to the Philips corporate website architecture. Additionally, the team wanted to deploy new educational offerings for hospital accounts, HCPs, OBLs, and patients — all within 12 months. To achievethese results, the company partnered with Livings Life Science Solutions to meet key business objectives.

Our Solutions

As a hybrid consulting and creative firm, we plugged into the Philips Volcano strategic, creative and digital teams to create an umbrella campaign. As the connecting fabric throughout the project’s life cycle, we quickly established a clear vision and strategy to harmonize the executive team’s and organization’s independent work streams driving Philips to achieve key market objectives. Livings Life Science Solutions collaborated with KOLs to develop a broader Therapy Awareness Campaign that included an easily digestible patient education digital platform, HCP educational microsite along with supporting in-office tools.

LLSS led the design, development and execution of the corporate integration website project, the HCP online educational portal, several other microsites and in-office screening and education tools.

The patient website was well received by the target patient population and by their caregivers. HCPs were very complimentary of Philips’ commitment to patient education and began incorporating the in-office tools immediately and began utilizing the site as a main educational tool to support their patient and practice education coupled with their efforts to inform their referral network about earlier patient assessment.

The entire project leveraged both the consulting department and the creative department’s expertise. Our core teams were able to navigate the multiple layers of the Philips corporate structure, partner with other Philips agencies, corporate development teams, branding desk and successfully win the trust and support from the digital strategy team at the Philips Global Headquarters based in Best, Netherlands.

Our Approach

Our efficient approach enabled LLSS to integrate with the Philips team to create effective systems and processes. Our hybrid team offered cohesion for an end-to-end, plug and play solution that helped Philips meet their key market objectives on a retracted timeline.

Leveraging decades of executive-level experience in strategic development and commercialization, LLSS’s collective leadership and our unique combination of services position us well to plug into your team’s DNA whether far upstream or in tactical and creative execution along the journey. LLSS executed a systematic approach to managing multiple vendors and plugged in quickly to recalibrate two organizations during its post-acquisition integration. Our firm fills the gaps and provides continuity when its most needed with a combination of consulting and creative services.

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