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Case Study
Global leader of product realization services with a focus on healthcare markets


For the last 30 years, Invetech has been a global leader in product design, development, and manufacturing transfer for several industries, including the life sciences industry. In recent years, Invetech began to lose its prominence in its dynamic marketplace. The market was shifting from classic engineering design to a convergence between front-end strategic offerings and traditional product design and development. To maintain a competitive edge in the market, similar firms started partnering with customers earlier in the product lifecycle to help with product ideation and pipeline strategies.

To add to the complexity, Invetech’s marketplace had become more crowded with IoT, ecosystem expansion, and data integration platforms. Invetech needed to showcase its talents as a strategic technology leader in ideation and product planning while still maintaining their coreservice offering.

Our Solutions

Invetech turned to us to regain a competitive edge. With more than 125 years of collective experience inthe life sciences industry, our team was able to quickly plug into their sales and marketing departments and conduct a gap analysis to identify critical success factors and key initiatives for theirrapidly-evolving market.
After developing the strategic plan, we crafted an updated brand position and global messagingplatform to include specific messaging for newtargeted customer segments. The messaging framework emphasized the company’s front-end consulting services complimented by its designand transfer capabilities.

LLSS focus on leveraging Invetech’s strengths of in-house expertise, ideation, usability and business strategy. The true differentiator for the company was their ability to balance all three service deliverables better than any other competitor.

Impressed with our work, executive leadership recommended that this strategic approach should be pulled through to all other divisions company-wide. With Invetech’s growing confidence, they decided to expand our role to lead their sales strategy initiatives as well.

An updated sales enablement deck and new core art elements were developed to support a differentiated concentric design process. A revamped case study template and web redesign highlighted the company’s renewed perspective. The result, Invetech not only recovered lost share, but regained their leadership position.

Our Approach

As a hybrid consulting and creative firm, LLSS has the unique ability to develop tactical plans and the creative supporting tools on budget and on time. This end-to-end plug and play model efficiently guided Invetech through a rebranding initiative, aligning key stakeholders on all aspects of strategy and messaging. Following a thorough analysis of Invetech’s position, a comprehensive execution strategy was put in place to elevate the company’s marketplace position. This approach reduced costs and man-hours during a critical time of the company’s growth.

With LLSS’s comprehensive support, Invetech is now more confident in its marketplace position, offering both front-end consulting services and back-end design-to-manufacturing capabilities for ecosystem-centric designs. The company has regained its reputation as an industry-leader by meeting the needs of the dynamic product design marketplace and is anticipated to surpass its competitors. Inspired by the work LLSS has done, the company’s CEO and executive team now leverage the new messaging and positioning across Invetech’s global parent company.

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