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Case Study
Accelerating Global Launch Excellence.
Cordis, a Cardinal Health company, is a global leader in innovative cardiac and endovascular medical device technologies.


The Cordis Global team faced significant challenges entering an adjacent market space. While Cordis had been a long-time leader in the femoral market, they needed to establish themselves as leaders in the coronary radial marketplace.

Initially, Cordis was positioned well for success by offering a robust portfolio of four new product solutions. However, the team lacked resources, launch experience and time. Continued delays in product clearance compounded the situation and meant compressed timelines with less than six months to launch four products globally. Current resources were a small global team of two product managers with limited launch experience and a list of launch readiness tactics piling up. Much of the integral positioning work, forecasting, and campaign messaging hadn’t been completed yet, nor any of the primary market research. The global team found themselves understaffed and with a creative agency that was missing the mark on deliverables and wasn’t agile enough to keep up the pace putting the launch at risk.

Our Solutions

Cordis turned to us to help develop the global launch strategic plan, to begin managing the creative agency and to help execute on some of the deliverables that had created quite the backlog.

Given our strong experience navigating from within organizations such as these, we were able to plug into the structure of the organization to quickly field and execute all primary research for all four products within two to three weeks. Our services and support helped to accelerate and finalize the creative concept, helped to provide continued design direction to Cordis’ creative agency, thus resulting in an on-time launch for the full Radial Portfolio.

Cordis felt so confident in our abilities, they expanded our engagement to provide crucial support for the upcoming national sales meeting, sales training and post-launch execution. Our team of executive-level consultants quickly delivered on tactical execution while also ensuring no dilutions of the strategy. Our firm was the continuity and unifying factor that enabled the successful delivery of an on-time, on-budget, US portfolio launch. LLSS has also been asked to stay on for the regional launch cadence for the remaining geographies launching various combinations of Radial portfolio products.

Our Approach

Our efficient approach bolstered resources for Cordis by eliminating wasted time, cost and man-hours. With a clear vision of the Radial Portfolio launch initiatives and the Cordisbrand promise, our hybrid team offered cohesion for an end-to-end, plug and play solution that helped Cordis exceed their key launch goals during a critical period of the company’s growth.

Leveraging decades of executive-level experience in strategic development and commercialization, LLSS’s collective leadership and our unique combination of services position us well to plug into your team’s DNA whether far upstream or in tactical and creative execution along the journey. LLSS executed a systematic approach to managing multiple vendors and plugged in quickly to recalibrate the launch trajectory. Our firm fills the gaps and provides continuity when its most needed with a combination of consulting and creative services.

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