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Case Study
Go-to-Market Strategy for Healthcare IT Start-up
Looking for Additional Funding
TVA Medical is an early-stage device start-up that developed the first minimally invasive solution for fistula creation for end-stage renal disease patients.


After TVA Medical completed its pivotal clinical trials and received CE Mark for its minimally invasive arteriovenous fistula (AVF), it was at a critical juncture needing to secure their next round of funding to garner support from the global clinical community, and to achieve global clearance for everLinQ™ and reimbursement for their endoAVF procedure.

At the same time, the board’s expectations intensified as it scrutinized funding requests and expected larger returns. TVA Medical also needed to create critical momentum within the clinical community to prepare for commercialization and generate awareness to attract suitors for aliquidity event.

Our Solutions

To foster support for this novel technology and procedure, TVA Medical turned to LLSS to develop their medical affairs and global commercialization plans. Given our extensive experience in strategic development and commercial operations, our team of executive-level consultants were ableto immediately plug in to the DNA of TVA Medical to understand its unique challenges.

We created a strategic framework that articulated launch readiness and budget allocation, especially for the board which required clearer context for funding requests. To reassure the board money was being spent wisely we tapped our 125 years of collective leadership experience at life science companies to establish a disciplined spending approach that prioritized when and where investor dollars should be used.

Impressed with our ability to rapidly integrate within their internal teams, TVA Medical asked us to create a playbook for its strategic imperatives. Our team outlined a path to accelerate both clinical community support and clinical trial enrollment by positioning and messaging the core value proposition of the procedure and engaging all
the key stakeholders in the dialysis healthcare ecosystem. Our sales training and support materials helped their internal teams articulate these positions more effectively.

Because of our hybrid business model, our creative specialists were able to provide unparalleled tactical execution of these strategies, including medical illustrations, animations, and HCP/medical education. We developed fresh web content, booth graphics, symposium promotions, and multi-media assets to help generate traffic and lead generation as well as patient education tactics, a clinical onboarding kit, booth graphics and event promotion.

Our streamlined approach to strategy and creative execution not only kept TVA Medical on budget, it provided them with the critical momentum they needed for commercialization.

Our Approach

By working with our team of experts, TVA was able to better articulate their company vision, strategic objectives and tactical plan, giving current and future funders the confidence to invest and thus secured their third round of funding. In addition, the company executed several clinical activities positioning them well for favorable reimbursement and clearance status globally. Since they have rounded out their body of evidence and begun to engage key targets, there is a much stronger interest from the clinical community and “standard of care” is well within reach. The organization has positioned themselves well as a highly attractive prospect for potential M&A activities.